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PTS adjusts its server for VIP players and ensures them stable and smooth gaming experiences.In the Back End, charts and reports present the operational status of each games, PTS and casinos, in detail and clear at a glance.Moreover, the exclusive system Denom of PTS calculates the value of total bet. Online casinos will no longer have to count bets respectively and will be able to offer greater bonuses for players. On PTS, casinos can communicate with players in various ways, such as pop-up window, scrolling text marquee and floating window. Interaction becomes so much easier.


We have more than 100 HTML5 games, many of which offer free bonus games and players can choose what they want. During some holidays, PTS celebrates them with players by updating festive themes. PTS games support computers, cellphones and tablets. With our well-established mechanism for disconnection, players can always return to where they were after disconnection and don’t have to be worried about losing any bonus games.


The exclusive info window of PTS allows players to withdraw bonus within one click and to check their gaming histories and jackpots anytime during a game. For customization, casinos can also embed advertisements on the info window.


Our dedicated staffs of customer service team are always available to help you to solve your problem. We customized our customer support in order to match the needs of the different types of players. Contact us via telephone or e-mail, or complete the contact form from our website. We're usually able to respond back to you within one business day. Feel free to give us a call, we’d be glad to help.


We are continuously launching and developing exhilarating games with excellent special effects and entertaining plot! Of course, as usual, these games will be visually stunning, easy to understand and endlessly engaging. If you are expecting the upcoming online games as well, please follow our latest news on the website.